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Let’s be honest .…

As a success-driven woman, a lot of things are already working in your life and career. You’ve worked hard to get where you are today, and you are proud of the life you’ve created.

But somewhere along the way, you put your deeper desires on hold.

(That book you’ve been wanting to write… the partnership you long for… launching a business that feeds your wallet AND soul… having the freedom to travel the world… or even starting a family.)

Perhaps you told yourself you were too busy, or would get around to them “someday.”

Yet your life just keeps getting busier.

You have meetings to get to, bills to pay, and people to take care of. Your attention is pulled in a thousand different directions.

You are happy, but deep down you also know that you are meant for more.

Fast-Forward One Year From Today …

If you continue on your current path, what will your life look like?

Will you be that much closer to actualizing your true desires? Or will you be stuck doing many of the same things (and dealing with the same challenges) that take up your time and energy today?

Without support, most women:

mandalaContinue putting off their true desires for “someday”

mandalaBegin working toward what they want… then burn out in a few weeks or months (from trying to add more to their already-full plate)

Imagine what it would be like to get the coaching, accountability and support you need to rapidly accelerate your results over the next 12 months – while feeling more relaxed and inspired than ever before.

That’s exactly what the Bold Feminine & Free Mastermind was designed to help you do.

Introducing Bold Feminine & Free


What’s Different About This Program?

The curriculum and structure is designed to create massive transformation & acceleration for every participant… without the added stress and “busy-ness” that often occurs in other programs. Managing everything on your plate can feel complex, which is why we take an integrative approach. While our primary focus is on business/career, our method deeply transforms ALL of the interconnected aspects of your life.
You’ll be joining a global community of women (7 countries are represented in 2016!) who are dedicated to helping each other thrive … replacing competition and cliqueness with true feminine collaboration. Unlike most masterminds, our participants span multiple generations (20s-60s) and industries, which makes for truly multi-faceted learning and connections
Gigi and Sonja have 11 happy children and 6 grandchildren between the two of them! If you have (or want) children, motherhood can and will be a part of the conversation about how you design your lifestyle & business. We are fiercely committed to you getting results. If any woman seems to be dropping off or falling behind, our team will reach out personally and ensure that you get the support you need (i.e. answers to your questions, feedback, or even 1:1 coaching!).
Participation in Bold Feminine & Free is by-application-only.
This ensures a dynamic group of women who are success-minded,
supportive, and ready/willing to participate fully in the experience.






“As a mom and a solopreneur I was struggling to do everything by myself. Running my business… being present for my husband and three kids… keeping my customers happy. I loved my life, but I was exhausted. My income varied wildly from month to month, and I couldn’t see how to free up the time & resources I knew I would need to get to my next level in business.

Since joining the program, I’ve learned to work at a slower pace, and be more strategic about how I run and grow my business. As a result, I had my best monthly revenue ever in the 3rd month of the program! My income has grown rapidly, and is more consistent from month to month. I’ve stopped trading time for money, started delegating the things I don’t need to be doing, and I’m creating a business model that will bring me true financial freedom.


Best of all, I am much more relaxed (and as a result, my kids are more relaxed too). I gave birth to our fourth baby boy in October 2015, and my relationship with my husband is more loving and supportive than ever. Thank you Gigi and Sonja!”

Danijela Saponic
(Munich, Germany)

Who This Is For …

Bold Feminine & Free is for the woman who is ready to step into her bigger vision for her
life and business. This may mean:

mandalaGetting to your “next level” of success without burning out.

You’ll discover how to do business from a feminine place of relaxation & ease – while growing and scaling your results like never before.

mandalaBecoming more visible in your career.

If you’ve always dreamed of speaking on stage, writing a book, being on television, or building an online empire, this program will be the catalyst to help you get there.

mandalaMaking partnership and family a priority. 

The quality of our relationships impacts every area of our lives. This curriculum goes far beyond business, to help you create deeper connections with your loved ones, find a partner, or even start a family.

mandalaShifting to a lifestyle or business that is more in alignment for you. 

Thinking of a career change? Starting your own business? Creating more freedom for travel and fun? NOW is the time.

mandalaMaking your global dreams a reality.

Curious about taking your business to other countries, and connecting with an international community? Our participants and coaches come from around the world and are committed to supporting your global vision.

mandalaHarnessing the power of online marketing to grow your brand/business.

So much of business today takes place online, but it can be overwhelming trying to figure it all out on your own. The mastermind includes numerous trainings + ongoing coaching to help you make online marketing work for you.



mandala2 Luxury Retreats in Austin, TX and Costa Rica ⧫
11 days (total) of in-person training, connection and transformation –
to kick off and close the program.

mandala2-Day Virtual Workshop
Learn, connect and re-focus as your Freedom Coaches guide the group through some powerful exercises & coaching ­– all from the comfort of your               own home.

mandala10 Private Coaching Sessions (1x per month*)
Each month you’ll receive a private 1:1 coaching session with either Gigi or Sonja (on alternating months) – to help you rapidly accelerate on your                       path to success.

mandala20 Group Coaching Calls (2x per month*)
Ongoing training and accountability to create powerful results in your health/self-care, as well as in your business/marketing.

mandala10 Guest Expert Training Calls (1x per month*)
World-class guest experts share their best business, lifestyle and communication secrets.

mandalaDrop-In Coaching Hours
Short private coaching sessions are available with Makena or Faye each month (on first-come, first-served basis).

mandalaPassword-Protected Membership Website
All of your call recordings and program materials in one easy-to-access place.

mandalaMembers-Only Private Facebook Group
Stay connected with your global mastermind family (including everyone from the 2015-2017 groups!) between calls and retreats.



The Bold Feminine & Free Orientation Packet
A special pre-program curriculum designed to help you get the most out of the mastermind.

Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Gigi & Sonja
Now through March 2017. Jump in as soon as you sign up.

*There will be no calls during August 2017, or December 15, 2017-January 15, 2018.




Retreats & Virtual Workshops

While the mastermind focuses primarily on business, we will also weave in training and coaching around relationships, health, family, lifestyle, sex and self-care. As a result, you will walk away from this program feeling more integrated, joyful and successful in every area of your life and business.

Austin, TexasApril 27-30, 2017

We’ll meet in the “Live Music Capital of the World,” the perfect backdrop for four days of intensive training, connection and fun. Exercises and hot seats will help you get clarity on your “why,” your vision and your focus for the year. Connection games and networking will allow you to form deep bonds with your fellow participants. You’ll learn new marketing skills and business models to accelerate your success. And you’ll leave feeling excited to actualize your bold goals – with the support of your coaches + your new community.

Virtual Workshop – October 7-8, 2017

Approximately halfway through the year, you and your fellow participants will join a virtual 2-day workshop – from the comfort of your own home. Just like in an in-person retreat, your Freedom Coaches will guide you through powerful exercises and coaching in a group setting, to help you assess your results and challenges thus far, and create a clear plan for the next 6 months of the program.

Costa Rica – March 5-11, 2018

The beautiful beaches, volcanoes and wildlife of Costa Rica is the ideal place to shed those final layers and step into your full power. This retreat is about celebration + preparation to create even more success, joy and freedom in the months and years to come. In addition to more business training (including strategies to scale your income & exposure, and create your dream team), we will integrate meditation, yoga and deep relaxation into the daily curriculum to help you connect more deeply with yourself and your desires. You’ll leave feeling strong, rejuvenated and ready to make 2018 your best year ever.

⧫Flight, accommodations & food are not included for the retreats.

Coaching & Training


1x per month* you’ll receive a private coaching session with either Gigi or Sonja
(on alternating months) – to help you rapidly accelerate on your path to success.
These 60-minute calls will help you dive deep into what’s holding you back, and
design a life and business that truly brings you alive. Each session will be
completely customized to you.




2x per month* you will have Group Coaching Calls with
Faye or Makena. These 90-minute calls will include
content specific to the expertise of each coach, followed
by time for questions and laser coaching in a group setting.

1x per month* Makena will coach you on topics✦ such as:

  • Your Marketing Plan: Where Are You the Picasso of Marketing?
  • Copywriting to Be Irresistible to Your Dream Clients
  • Business Systems and Client Retention
  • Finding and Creating Your Tribe for Exponential Business Growth

1x per month* Faye will coach you on topics✦ such as:

  • Setting Up Your Ecology for Sustainable Health
  • Fun and Feminine Movement for Your Best Body
  • The 8 Levels to Mega Metabolism
  • Eating Your Way to Health, Energy and Longevity



1x per month* you will have a Guest Expert Training Call to expand your knowledge in specific areas. These 60-90 minute calls will consist of 45-60 minutes of content, followed by time for questions and answers.

Here’s a sneak peek at the topics & experts for the 2017-2018 session✦…


April 2017 The Spirit of Abundance (Attraction Factor) Patrina Wisdom
May 2017 Design a Fearless Life Peter Scott
June 2017 Marketing Your Business Online with Webinars Jessica Riverson
July 2017 What You Need to Know About Speaking Susanne Wendel
September 2017 How to Get Press Gwen Elliot


You’ll have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one 10-20 minute coaching call with Faye or Makena (first come-first served) during the monthly* drop-in coaching hours. This is a great time to bring up private challenges or areas you don’t wish to talk about during our group coaching calls. We will create space for you to get really honest, and provide you with the support & coaching you need.

*There will be no calls during August 2017, or December 15, 2017-January 15, 2018.
✦Topics are tentative, and subject to change.

Online Support


computer-screenAll of your content and call recordings will be available on a private members-only website. You’ll be able to login with your own password to access coaching calls, download materials and see important updates and information.




laptop-screenThis is where our community meets to give and receive support, accountability and to cheer each other on. It is a safe place to interact with the other participants, ask questions, share realizations, brainstorm, get feedback, acknowledge each other and network your way to love and freedom.


Click the button below to fill out an application, and our team
will reach out to you to schedule your NO-OBLIGATION application call.





Andrea-Schweiger“Before joining Bold Feminine and Free a lot of things were not working in my business. I had too little income and too many costs. I wasn’t clear on how to position myself in the market, how to attract clients, what is my niche – or how to go about getting the clarity and focus I needed.

Since joining the program, I’ve made a shift to a completely new business (styling for men)! I’m still in a transitional phase, but I feel certain that I am finally on the right path. This program has helped me make decisions with ease, and to have more FUN in my life and business. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Andrea Schweiger (Munich, Germany)







Gigi Sage has been coaching for over 30 years, and helped to pioneer the field of personal development worldwide. She has worked with tens of thousands of individuals as well as executives in companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Shell, Rice University, Duke Energy and IBM. Gigi’s books have been published in 6 countries to date. Gigi has five grown children, and when she isn’t traveling, you can typically find her bike riding in Amsterdam and or spending time with family in Austin, TX.







Sonja Becker began coaching 22 years ago, after attending a seminar with Gigi and her former business partner. Since that time, Sonja has led High Performance Leadership Trainings to empower people around the world to find their own unique genius. She founded the first Entrepreneurschool in Germany and thousands of new entrepreneurs and start-up businesses are now thriving because of her support. When she isn’t traveling, Sonja lives with her husband and the youngest of her six children in Munich, Germany.







Makena Sage was practically born into coaching, and grew up attending/assisting in her parent’s seminars and events starting around seven years old. She went on to study International Business, then launched her own career as a copywriter and online marketing strategist for other experts, speakers, authors and coaches. Makena specializes in helping mission-driven entrepreneurs attract more clients and make more money online. She lives in San Diego, CA and travels frequently for work and fun.







Faye Michelle became inspired to empower women through coaching over 25 years ago when she met Gigi Sage. She has since owned her own Wellness clinic, consulted for other practitioners to develop their businesses, and traveled throughout the US putting on trainings with Gigi. In 2015 Faye moved to California with her daughter Mariah and is focusing on coaching women to become their Healthy Goddesses.




Our Global Vision

We envision a world where women everywhere have a shared spirit of cooperation, rather than competition. Where we empower one another to live out our biggest dreams (and in doing so, inspire our children to follow theirs). Where the power of community makes borders irrelevant, and we are just as likely to call a friend or business partner half-way across the globe as in our own backyard. Where we inspire and empower men to join us in this new paradigm.

This shift has already begun, and its effects will ripple into every area of our lives – from business and politics to environmental policy and peace.

Bold Feminine and Free was designed with this vision in mind. Our intention and deep desire is that every woman who goes through this program becomes a part of the movement toward a more collaborative, happy, connected world.

Won’t you join us?


Are You Ready to Accelerate
Your Results Like Never Before?

Here’s the thing: you are an intelligent, capable woman, and you could absolutely do this on your own. You don’t “need” community or coaching to make your dreams a reality. But how long will it take you to get there? How often will you get distracted, or too busy, or simply overwhelmed by trying to “go it alone?”

You could do this alone… but you don’t have to.

Bold Feminine and Free will give you the mentorship, accountability and support to take YEARS off the time it takes you to go from inspiration to actualization of your desires.

This program is the culmination of our decades of experience supporting women around the world to accelerate their income, have happier relationships, become more visible, and design lifestyles that are in alignment with their authentic selves.

If you feel a sense of curiosity or excitement as you read these words, then we would love to hear from you.

Click on the link below to fill out an application, and our team will reach out to you to schedule your no-obligation application call.

To your success,

Gigi & Sonja




“Before this program my days were busy, but not exciting, and I always felt alone in my daily struggles. Since I joined Bold Feminine & Free, I am part of a community of wonderful, diverse women who really support each other. Sonja and Gigi help us find the path to be successful in our business, while still allowing space for our ‘feminine flow.’

I am amazed how powerful the effect of the mastermind group is. I have the feeling of being connected to unlimited energy, and I enjoy profiting from the unique talents of each of the women in the group, as well as from the coachings from Sonja and Gigi. After six months in the program, I have a clear direction for my business and am confident that I am offering a unique service that makes a difference in the world. Join this program. It is absolutely worth it!”

Sabine Hockenjos (Switzerland)



“When ‘average’ just isn’t enough for you, Bold Feminine and Free is the program to change your mindset and your viewpoint on life. This program gets you out of your comfort zone and accelerates your results in business – while also nourishing your femininity.

Sereina Schmidt (Lucerne, Switzerland)
Public Relations Consultant Sereina Schmidt AG



“Since joining Bold Feminine and Free, I feel more thankful for everything in my life. I’ve gotten more clarity about the business model I want. And I met a man! We’ve been in a relationship since June 2015.”

Sandra Schusterer (Munich, Germany)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program begin?
The next session of Bold Feminine & Free begins in April 2017 and runs through the end of March 2018.

What is the investment for the mastermind?
The investment for the program is $15,000, which includes tuition for the 2 Live Retreats⧫, 2-Day Virtual Workshop, 10 Private Coaching Sessions, 20 Group Coaching Calls, 10 Guest Expert Training Calls, Drop-In Coaching Hours, Members-Only Facebook Group, and more.⧫ Payment is due in full by April 15, 2017.

If I sign up now, will I have to wait until April to get started?
Absolutely not! As soon as you register, you’ll receive the Bold Feminine & Free Orientation Packet – a special pre-program curriculum designed to help you get the most out of the mastermind. You’ll also get access to monthly Group Coaching Calls with Gigi & Sonja (now through March 2017).

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! Please enquire about payment plan options during your no-obligation application call. Click here to fill out an application, and our team will reach out to you to schedule your call.

I’m already busy! Won’t this program just take up more of my time?
The nature of this kind of coaching is such that you will deeply relax and unwind over the course of the year, while getting clarity about what you truly desire, and setting up systems in your life that are in service to YOU. As a result, while you will attend several retreats + participate in approximately 4 calls per month, most of our participants report feeling like they have MORE time and spaciousness during this program – rather than less.

How do the calls work?

All of our calls are hosted on GoToWebinar, a free service that you can easily download to your computer or smartphone. This allows us to share presentations, speak to one or more participants at a time, and see when you have a question or would like coaching (by simply typing your question in the box OR clicking a button to “raise your hand”). Recordings of all of the calls are provided in your Membership Website.

What if I can’t make it to one or more of the retreats?

In order to create a powerful group dynamic and a certain kind of momentum, attendance at both retreats is currently required. If you have a question about this, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@boldfeminineandfree.com.

Who is this program NOT appropriate for?
This program is NOT for you if…

  • You are already living out all of your wildest dreams
  • You don’t have any interest in growing as a person or improving your lifestyle/career/business/relationships
  • You enjoy gossip and competition (vs. support and cooperation)
  • You aren’t open to coaching
  • You are 100% satisfied with the numbers in your bank account

I’m ready to get started! What’s next?

Great! Simply click on the “Apply Now” button below, and you’ll be taken to our application form. Fill it out, click “Submit” and our team will reach out to you within 2 business days to schedule your no-obligation application call.

⧫Flight, accommodations & food are not included for the retreats.